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Consulting corporate sustainability expert Ara Almada, Green About Media will cover topics such as ESG, Sustainability & Green Media. Going in depth on Digital Carbon Footprinting, Green Business Models, Sustainable Adverstising and the Digital Industry’s current carbon challenge.

There is a lot of uncertainty and scrutiny at the moment in the Digital Media landscape around the role it plays in the wider global issue of sustainability. And this very topic has become a huge driving force behind stakeholders decisions of when and where to invest.
Publics are more aware of what are genuine and impactful efforts made by companies to reduce harm or positively impact the environment, and what are a greenwashing ploy and as such the industry is reacting.

In this mini-series from The Digital Distillery, Green About Media will tackle a range of these topics and straighten out some of the common misconceptions and misunderstandings around the terms that we hear in the media on a near daily basis. Where the efforts come from, how they have changed, and what impact they are likely to have on both the environment and the digital media industry itself are all things that are important to internalise if you want to understand where we are and where we are going in tis rapidly changing environment.

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Produced and Engineered by Phil McDowell. Co-Written with Ara Almada Executive Producer Nadia Koski,  and Project Managed by 
Dennis Kirschner & Stefanie Leonardi.

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