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Araceli Almada is a corporate sustainability expert who covers environmental and sustainability topics in digital advertising. Her podcast, Green About Media, goes in-depth into topics such as digital carbon footprints, sustainable advertising, carbon offsetting, and more.

As the digital media landscape's role in promoting sustainability becomes more clear, stakeholders are increasingly basing their investment decisions on whether media companies are living up to those responsibilities.

The general public is becoming more aware of what constitutes genuine effort by companies to reduce harm or positively impact the environment, and what actions are greenwashing ploys.

Green About Media tackles these topics head-on to straighten out misconceptions and misunderstandings, to educate and inform, and to inspire genuine action from the entire digital advertising industry.

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Produced and Engineered by Phil McDowell. Co-Written with Ara Almada Executive Producer Nadia Koski,  and Project Managed by 
Dennis Kirschner & Stefanie Leonardi.

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